My 1st 42.2K #STWM

I couldn’t have asked for a better first full marathon experience. The weather was perfect with no rain at all (exactly what I was wishing for). I had a great race overall and somehow met my time goal of under 5 hours (just snuck in there with 4:58:27). My approach of trying to conserve energy in the first half actually worked and the last 7K ended up being my favourite part of the race – my hip pain melted away, my playlist kicked me up a notch and I got into a groove that kept me smiling all the way to the finish line. Surprisingly, this is the first race I’ve finished for a new distance where my initial feeling was NOT “I’m never running again!”— Instead my feeling was “I would LOVE to do this again!”

I’d like to say a very BIG thank you to everyone who I met during my training and all of my sponsors who donated to ANNE’S TEAM. Extra special thanks to my physiotherapist, Courtney Steele at Cornerstone Physiotherapy who helped me stay injury free throughout my training. Extra Extra special thanks to Mike Hoehn & ANNE’S TEAM for helping me achieve this amazing goal. Below is a summary of the best & worst moments of my first full marathon race, the mantras that got me through and some photos.  Enjoy!

WORST moments (there are only a few, so I will start with them)

  • Pain in my hip earlier than any other training run of the season, starting at 12K until 29K
  • At 30K a speed walker crept up on me. I realized that he was walking as fast as I was running…
  • Not seeing my Dad on the sidelines near the finish line :(

 BEST moments

  • Getting to run with my best running buddies, Alyssa (@The_Real_Alyssa) and Llorene (@LAgmata) for a good portion of the race
  • Passing the ANNE’S TEAM (@annesteam) cheering station early on in the race
  • Being able to see my speedy ANNE’S TEAM friends and other Digital Champions (saw both Steve’s! @zepphead & @SteveWLayton) during parts of the course that looped – it was exciting to cheer them on and see their familiar faces along the way
  • Having friends and family come out to cheer me on during the course of the race:
    • My boo (@JeremyKleynhans) at the halfway mark
    • My Mum and Sister at 35K
    • My good girlfriend Charlie who was volunteering at 40K
    • Jeremy and his friends Mike and Justin with a hilarious sign for me at 500m
    • My best hockey mates Jenni and Dawn at the 400m
  • Being recognized as a Digital Champion by Albert (@albertbunker) during the race and him thanking me for the tweets and wishing me a good race
  • Saying “Hell no” to that speed walker beating me in a race I’ve trained 5 months for and getting up enough courage to pick up the pace
  • Thanking that speed walker for the kick in the butt I needed to get into the groove that left me having the best part of my run as the last unknown 7K
  • Crossing the finish line, smiling and NOT feeling like absolute death
  • Realizing post-race that I ran an even split (1st half: 2:29:29, 2nd half: 2:28:58)

Mantras that got me through 42.2K

  • “Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever” told to me by Catherine (@marathoner514) just before the start
  • “At 32K you’re gonna wanna walk, but tell yourself if you walk it will take TWICE as long, so KEEP RUNNING!!” told to me by Glen Hempstock a month before the race
  • Best sign I saw the whole race: “Ryan Gosling is waiting for you at the finish line…with a puppy… and a foot bath” (I was literally repeating “Ryan Gosling. Puppy. Foot Bath”)

Pre-race photos


Alyssa and I running past the Anne’s Team cheering station

One pic while running (at about 15K)


View of the City on a road you would never run on (mid 30K)


Jeremy’s silly sign at 500m


My reaction to his sign


Post-race smiles